Who is C.E.Zacherl?

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Northern Virginia, C.E. began scripting and illustrating original comics of the He-Man and TMNT variety at the ripe age of eight. By eighteen he was selling custom commissioned works to peers in the LARP community, and by twenty-eight he had broken into the world of horror films; winning the Audience Choice Award at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego California for exceptional concept and promotional art.

As a freelance illustrator, C.E. continues to fulfill high profile commissions; pouring his creativity into a series of portraits of Conor McGregor for the Champ’s manager, Audie Attar. Providing illustrations for ‘I AM ZOMBIE’ by RPG Icon Mark Rein-Hagan. And partnering with longtime collaborator Jonathan Chance to illustrate the lynchpin segment of the horror comic anthology 'Never by Night’.

C.E. Zacherl serves as an Active Duty Coast Guardsman, currently stationed on the Ohio River. He lives with his wife, four sons, three dogs, four chickens, and a multitude of obvious emotional & mental issues. He really is just a mad-man with a box.


Prominent works

‘Chronicles of the Occult’, comic book by Chance Productions (marketing artist, illustrator) – in Production

‘Unbroken’, a novel by Graceli Kaye (cover artist) – in Production

‘Kushtaka’, Feature Film by Cameron Currin (poster-artist, creature design): in Production.

‘Tuurngait’, comic book (writer, illustrator, cover artist) – in Production.

‘UNHUMAN’, an illustrated epic (author, illustrator, cover artist) – in Production.

Bloodlines & Black Magick, Pathfinder Tabletop RPG by Storm Bunny Studios (Illustrator): 2019.

Forgotten, A Novel by Graceli Kaye (cover artist) – 2018.

‘Conor McGregor Series’, commissioned by Gencanna corp for the Champ’s manager, Audie Attar (illustrator): 2018.

‘Wander the Graves’ comic book (writer, illustrator, cover artist): 2018.

‘BEST IN HORROR/DARK FANTASY’, Conglomeration Art & Tabletop Gaming Convention (featured artist): 2017.

‘The Magii Chronicles’, a Novel by Draper Creations (Cover Art & Interior Illustrations): 2017.

Two GeneralsBoard Game Company (Logo Design): 2017.

MONSTERLAND!, DREAD CENTRAL presents an Anthology Film (marketing and concept illustrator, creature design, prop design for HAG segment): 2016.

‘Black’, Feature Film by Scaryopolis (marketing artist, concept illustrator & poster artist): 2016 – 2017.

‘Squirm’, Feature Film by Scaryopolis (marketing & Concept illustrator, creature design, poster artist): 2015 -

I AM ZOMBIETabletop RPG by Mark Reinhagan & Make Believe Games (illustrator): 2015.

HAG, Short Film by Scaryopolis (marketing and concept illustrator, creature design, prop design): 2014.

SCARYOPOLIS, Film Studio (logo design, illustrator): 2013 -

I Am an Exorcist, TV Series by Scaryopolis (marketing & concept illustrator, creature & character design, poster artist): 2013 -

Audience Choice Award Winner, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (featured artist): 2012.

The Trivium Proportion, Novella by D. Hunter Phillips (cover artist, illustrator): 2012.

The Rectory, Feature Film by Chance Productions (promotional, conceptual, & poster-artist): 2011.

‘Avalon Online RPG’ (co-creator, game master, storyteller, prop & creature design, author, illustrator): 2009-2015.

Morpheus Tales, London’s Premiere Horror Magazine (author, illustrator, cover artist): 2009 – 2012.

‘FEVER’, comic book by Post Mortem Comics (writer, illustrator) – 2008.

‘HUNTERS LARP’ (co-creator, prop & creature design, make-up artist, FX artist): 1999-2002.

‘Avalon LARP’ (co-creator, game master, storyteller, prop & creature design, make-up artist, FX artist, actor, author, illustrator): 1996-2016.