Commission C.E. Zacherl

Written a book you'd like illustrated? Need concept art for film? Or just want to see Indiana Jones confronting a Deep One at the foot of a hidden Cthulhu Temple (my coolest commission so far)?

Secure your own custom, one of a kind illustration with a deposit of $95 for a standard 9”x12” illustration. That gets you the high res download. Then, once you've seen the art completed & you decide that you'd like to hang that beauty on your wall; you get first dibs to purchase the Original work for as low as $175. 12”x21” commissions are available for a $175 deposit, and an additional $275 first dibs at the Original Illustration. Larger or more versatile commissions are available upon request.

Lower rates are available for publications & media where my work is credited.

Request your own custom commission today!

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