"They really do."

Fell off the wagon from writing here over the Holidays. Seasonal effective disorder, government shutdowns, & a roller-coaster of “Will I, won’t I, stay in the Coast Guard?” kept my energy levels in the dumps. I had to pull into myself in order to keep my heart pumping and not be a total wraith in my home.



I’ve written. A LOT.
’UNHUMAN’ is in the process of final revisions as I move it towards beta-reading & lay out what illustrations I need in order to bring the epic to life.

I’m halfway through to completion on ‘Chronicles of the Occult’ and, now that winter’s over, that comic should move much more quickly. I’m working on my third book cover for romance author Graceli Kaye & enjoying the heck outta these covers as it’s such a departure from my usual macabre.

Other commissions are on the table that I can’t talk about yet but, I’m happy to say, good things are coming.


Cool thing that happened…

is how AMAZING my friends over at Brother Raven’s Tattoo & Art Emporium have been in hosting my work. I’ve illustrated professionally for over two decades, but this was my first dedicated showing at a proper art gallery. Folks drove from hours around just to see my work, it was a truly humbling night.

Now to get real a minute… And those that follow me on social media may have caught this already. But I’m writing it here as it’s still raw in my heart, and this seems somewhat more “official”, so I’m hoping to leave the raw here, at least for a time;

I took my two oldest boys (fourteen & eleven) to a double-feature of The LEGO Movie & How to Train Your Dragon. Lego 2 was mostly "meh". But the 'Dragon' series has a special place in our hearts.

When the first 'How to Train Your Dragon' came out; we had just joined the Coast Guard, stationed in Houston. I only had two kids. And my oldest, then... five, I think? Was (still is) super critical of everything. This was the first movie he came out of the theater beaming ear-to-ear about. He couldn't stop talking about how wonderful it was. To him, he was Hiccup & his Daddy was clearly Stoic (win for me).

Now, about a decade later, we're sitting in the theater watching Hiccup come to age and I look over at my son who turns FIFTEEN in December and Dude... I started balling like a baby. Totally played the "I've got something in my eye" gimmick, and ruffled his hair in a manly/Dad fashion.


The point is…

Everyone says how quickly they grow up.

Take that to heart.

They really do.

  • Z.