Marilyn Manson: the Reflective god.


Marilyn Manson: the Reflective god.

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Just like so many teenagers enduring life in the nineties; Marilyn Manson got me through. I’ve always been a fan of concept albums and musicals, particularly of the darker variety; Pink Floyd, Queensryche, King Diamond, and Fear Factory (to name a few) but Manson’s stories were always just a little more eloquent. And his morals infinitely more viscerally profound. The artist’s struggle with love and drugs also speaks to his fellow creatives, and in the years that it seemed that he struggled the hardest, I wanted to encapsulate that in an illustration. To do my part in snaring his demons and setting him free. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ he’s back.

”Your world is an ashtray.

We burn and coil like cigarettes

The more you cry, your ashes turn to mud.

It’s the nature of the leeches.

The virgin’s feeling cheated.

You’ve only spent a second of your life.

Let’s jump upon the sharp swords,

cut away our smiles.

Without the threat of death, there’s no reason to live at all.

My world is unaffected,

there is an exit here.

I say it is, then it’s true.

There is a dream inside a dream.

I’m wide awake the more I sleep.

You’ll understand when I’m dead.

I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me.

Saw heaven and hell were lies…

when I’m god everyone dies.”

- Marilyn Manson, the reflective god.

Illustrated with ink, 2016.

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