Cover Illustration for 'Damaged' by Graceli Kaye.

Unbroken Book Cover.jpeg
Unbroken Book Cover.jpeg

Cover Illustration for 'Damaged' by Graceli Kaye.

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This is the cover illustration for the second in the immersive romance series by Graceli Kaye. The author was so moved by this cover that it inspired her to expand a new chapter of her book;

”Eva: Where are we going?

Skye: Not far, wear the boots though

And the skirt you got at Ara’s last week

Please :)


Though an afterthought, he felt the please to be necessary lest she misconstrue his suggestion for what he’d like to see her in confused with being a command. She was doing it less and less, but there was no reason for him to lose ground in any event.

Eva: Ready in 5

Skye: Take 10, I’ll wait for you


Eva happily pulled the skirt in question off of the hanger in her closest and removed the tags. The mid-thigh length lavender skirt was snug, but not constricting. She paired it with a fitted, off the shoulder, black top.

Lacing up the boots ate into the bulk of her self-allotted five minutes, and despite his assurances he would wait, she didn’t want to have to. 

She tucked her glasses into her shirt as she put on her helmet, nestled between her cleavage, she didn’t need to see on the back of the bike, just feel, a task she would happily comply with. She waited for him at the end of the driveway, he was there before she had a chance to feel silly about standing there with a helmet on her head. Without a word she climbed on back and let Skye take them to their mystery destination.

They went to the lot at one of the less used hiking trails and Eva hopped off the back. Skye snagged her around the waist and picked her up while he was still seated on the bike. He lifted her easily in front of him so they could face each other and each removed their helmets. Eva’s hair stuck out in the back, but neither noticed or cared. Skye tugged her closer for a kiss before pulling her glasses out of her shirt and placing them on her face. He loved the way they looked on her, with contacts too, really any way as long as she was able to focus on him and he was happy. Her skirt rose higher her thighs as she tilted her pelvis to slide completely into his lap. Exposing more of the phoenix’s tail feathers with each inch it rose to nearly indecent lengths, not that he had any complaints. Eva’s arm wrapped around his neck, seeking balance, as Skye assisted by placing his left hand on her hip to steady her, his right hand however, went to the exposed skin on the right thigh and traced the crimson tail feathers lightly. “Which one is mine again?” He asked, catching her gaze but not ending his seemingly lazy exploration.

“All of them.” Her breathless response wasn’t entirely untrue. “This one was drawn to represent you,” her hand covered his and together they traced the vibrant lines. “But you are the only one who gets to touch and worship them.”

“Better be.” He growled as his hand held her hip tightly and he kissed her again.

“The arm was all about you too.” She reminded him, inspiring him to trace those new lines as well. 

After a few more leisurely kisses she felt the need to ask. “So why did we come out here?”

“Just for this.” He admitted and took her mouth with his again.”

If you don’t dance to that then you’re dead ;-)

’Unbroken’ available soon in softback and on Kindle. Purchase ‘Forgotten’, the first book of the series today.

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